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Newbie installation steps

Source: https://www.heilei.com/question_content-54.html

Installation tutorial

First, the configuration requirements:

Hardware CPU Graphics card RAM Hard Disk
Minimum configuration Intel i3 and above Support for OpenGL 8GB memory SSD

Second, download 2 files:

1. Black Ray Apple desktop client ( Google drive download link | Mirror download link | Official download link (Fast speed for China) ); (MD5: FD4CD2DB1DBA634C0BA7E7381623F3F3)

  To ensure the integrity of the installation package, use the MD5 verification tool for verification;

2. Image file HeileiOSX (for intel).7z ( Google drive download link | Mirror download link | Official download link (Fast speed for China) ) file size is about 2.45GB, thanks to the enthusiastic user "nobody" provided;

Third, the installation method:

Little friends, some anti-virus software or housekeeper assistants may affect the use of Black Ray Apple desktop version, it is recommended to close it before installation.

In addition, because of the lack of water and soil, the current A M D's small partners are temporarily unavailable, please pay attention!


Install client

Official website download client: www.heilei.com


Click to download now, the following picture appears


click here to download3.png

Black Ray Apple Desktop Edition


Install immediately

*The following picture may appear, please follow this step if you have not skipped this step.



Click to experience immediately, as shown below


Click on the right to start right after the picture


Click Register now to fill in the registration information.


If you have trouble registering, just use this account

Phone number: 17071879744
Password: platinmods

Not sure if it works with multiple devices yet

After registering the account successfully, log in


After landing, the following picture appears


Click here to find


Click here to find it, the following picture appears


Check "HeileiOSX(for intel).7z" and click download

Appears after downloading:


* There is no Baidu network disk partner, you need to download it.15.png

After downloading, click on the16.png installation package to install and extract to the "local disk" you want to store.


★Store the local disk, do not create a new folder, the folder name should not have Chinese, for example: Black Ray Apple Desktop Edition

Store directly on the disk you want to store.

For example: D disk, direct storage

Click Browse, add the image, find the extracted file, 18.pngadd the 19.pngfile, click Start now.


After starting immediately, the following picture will appear


After 100%, as shown below, click Next to enter the novice guide.




Upon completion, enter the Black Ray Apple Desktop Edition


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