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Q : How to check if the computer can install software?
Q : Can I make iphoneXS online, what is the current system version?
A : Currently, the iphoneXS is not supported. The iOS version of the simulator is 10.1.
Q : Can I download the software and install it myself?
A : does not support it, the software currently supports are particularly subjected to adaptation, you can view all the support software libraries in the game, if there is hope increaseplus adaptation of the software can click expect adaptation posts submitted version ofthe Lord will regularly organize For development.
Q : Why should I adapt?
A : Since the simulator does not support the arm architecture (pc is X86 or X64 architecture, ios is the arm), as long as ipa has this arm, the simulator cannot run. The adaptation work is actually to give the arm's runtime library to the Extracted.
Q : Do you currently support the controller?
A : Not supported for the time being, but it is already in the design.
Q : What is VT-x?
A : VT is a virtualization technology that can expand the capacity of the hardware. It must be turned on at present ~ see details
Q : Where should I get the invitation code? Already got an invitation code but it's invalid?
A : For details, please refer to the foruminvitation code area.
Q : I need to post pictures for feedback questions. How can I post pictures on the forum. Can I also send videos?
A : Forum reply box has a rectangular picture icons and paperclip icon Du can issue such plans, oh, currently does not support video transmission, you can upload Baidu cloud disk, and then paste the link cloud disk.
Q : Why can't my image be installed?
A : Please use the latest version .
Q : Why does it restart infinitely?
A : There is a solution, please contact the assistant of the nuts in the Q group (QQ1590615438).
Q : Why am I prompted "No permission to open the game"?
A : Please check whether you have not logged in to the simulator account.
Q : Why does the card keep loading?
A :If the card is loaded for a long time, you can pay attention to 1. Whethervt-x is not enabled; 2. Whether the Microsoft KB3033929 patch is not installed, if not, you can enable and install it. If it still doesn't work, you need to open the virtual machine window and judge based on the startup state of the virtual machine,refer here!

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